Doctor Aldrick Von Hundaguard

Der Schirm der Loyalität gegen die Schwert der Unehre



  1. Ostracised Aristocrat
  2. Dangerous Discoveries
  3. Brain in the Books
  4. Kind and Careful
  5. Tired of all this
  6. Noblesse Oblige
  7. I am Not a tomb robber, I’m an Archaeologist
  8. With Zeal and Fury


Level Skills
Superb +5 Scholarship
Great +4 Weapons Investigation
Good +3 Rapport Resolve Perform Writing Alertness
Fair +2 Endurance Contacts Athletics Might
Average +1 Empathy Resources Presence Guns

Physical Stress: [] [] [] [] | [] []
Mental Stress: [] [] [] [] []
SP: 7


Scholarship: I may Have Read That!
Investigation: Archaeologist’s eye
Weapons: The Swordsman’s Art


Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish and Latin




Personal Artefact: EisenZahn Longsword.
Matter Of Pride +2 Endurance
Family Glory +2 Presence

Flawless Parry: With expert sword-work Hundaguard gains a +3 to all out defence actions.

Riposte: If a weapons defensive action by +2 or greater it also inflicts 1 box of physical stress.

Book of Secrets: Aldrick can often second guess uncomfortable subjects and sensitive areas, allowing him to use Rapport instead of intimidation when in a social conflict.


Aldrick was born to a noble family near the black forest. Being the younger son gave him many freedoms, all that was expected of him was to maintain the estate in his brothers absence.

During his youth he took a scholarly interest in the world, studying history and myth. In time his fascination caused him to seek out a real adventure to curb his appetites for civilisations lost and lands unseen.

His long absence led to fraternal conflict, his brother later severing all ties to him. With nothing but an empty title, a family heirloom and the books his brother never cared for, he left to become an explorer for the remainder of his days.


Tall, thin, with high cheekbones and a straight nose, his straw blonde hair and sky blue eyes would all make him a symbol of the Arian ideal. That is if his eyes weren’t a little too shadowed, his shoulders a little more broad and his gaise almost always one of concern or mild interest.

Having cast aside many of the trappings of nobility he almost never in fashionable or less than practical garments. Aside from a much patched and faded coat, his only surviving relic of his old life is the family sword, said to have been passed down since the empire.

Doctor Aldrick Von Hundaguard

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