Richard Cabbott

Dick to his friends


I escaped, let me help you to (Hilltop’s T.A. turned guidance counselor- Primary aspect)
Sucker for a damsel in distress (Trouble)

Other Aspects:

  • My mind is a terrible thing to waste
  • The youth are our future
  • You think I’m just a pretty face?
  • Dress to Impress
  • I’ve been working out, can you tell?
  • People are like books…
Superb (+5) Rapport (Reassurance)
Great (+4) Empathy Presence Contacts*
Good (+3) Deceit Endurance Resources*
Fair (+2) Scholarship First Aid Athletics
Average (+1) Alertness Stealth Might Discipline
*raised 'for free' by the Dean's death (+1)


  • Showboating May use Presence instead of Fists when in front of members of the opposite sex he is trying to impress
  • Hey there pally! You know everyone, there is always someone in the crowd you know and who is friendly to you, if only slightly, you may need to spend a fate point
  • Plenty of Swift Unless surprised you go before anyone else on the first round of combat, go on your normal initiative on every other round
  • Of all the gin joints… You know about all the clubs are in a city; where, what status, if they’re dodgy, rumours etc

Refresh: 6
EXP: 21 (Spent 8)

Physical OOOOO
Mental OO
Social OOOO

Dick teaches a class of eager students


Richard Cabbott

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