The Faculty Club Investigates...

SEASON FINALE TIME!!!! ------- Sunday 10/4

As Detective Radcliffe, the Wittnauers and Prince Taheri flee through the tunnels, Professors Hilltop and VonHundagard race across campus to rescue them. Can our intrepid faculty avoid being seen and reach them in time? Who are the mysterious drivers trying to kill the Wittnauers and Taheri, and why? Will President “just call me Dick” Cabbott get Officer Schmidt and the authorities there in time?

And where the heck are Miss Krammer and Professor Plymouth?

Tune in for the season finale.

Situation Normal at Bayne University

If by “normal” you mean students stabbing each other, faculty jockeying for position and everyone chasing the Ritter’s money, you wouldn’t be far off. With Black Rose going underground after being implicated in the New York City bombing and the Teutonia Club’s popularity rising, the BU campus is rapidly becoming a very dangerous place for friends of the late Dean Flemming Ashcroft. Especially so now that Naomi Ritter is handing out scholarships with very specific and deadly qualification conditions.

Now What?

Everyone who crosses Naomi Ritter comes down with a sudden case of death.

She’s working her way down a list and she’s on a roll. Sunday night was eventful…

Flemming Ashcroft, Dean of Students Bayne University shot to death
Professor Peter Maynard, Black Rose/AFF Hudson College blown up
Professor Janice Maynard, Black Rose/AFF Hudson College blown up
Senator Trevor Prescott, Honorary President Rho Omega Fraternity stabbed to death
Adrian Wittnauer, The NEW Face of the Teutonia Club ==> escaped
Lam Duk, Duk Organization heir ==> in hiding
name withheld
name withheld
name withheld
name withheld
name withheld
name withheld

And who the heck is Melanie Kramer anyway?

Is this the end of Fleming Ashcroft?

Dean Ashcroft has done some surprising things during his tenure, but the most surprising (for him anyway) has been getting shot by an innocent-looking co-ed in a black hood. Will he survive or will he bleed to death in a Bronx warehouse? Will Professor Hilltop return in time to save him or will he just return to the nearby zoo to visit elephant Sparky? Will Dick Cabbott be the one to save Ashcroft or is he more interested in landing a date with the aforementioned co-ed?

Tune in next session!

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